Crypto Bank review – Is it a scam or legit?

Crypto Bank LogoIf you are reading this, it is because you are interested in learning more about Crypto Bank. You want to use Crypto Bank’s expertise to improve your quality of life and learn a little more about this business.

It is not difficult to find information about cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency trading on the internet, however, there are sites that seem to help you with your little needs that are actually scams.

Cryptocurrency scams are much more common than they seem, and perhaps this has caused many people to stop pursuing their dream of becoming a successful broker and to be wary of any platform offering their services as a trader. But is Crypto Bank also a scam?

Fortunately, there are many safe applications that are fulfilling their mission to boost this market by inviting everyone to try it out for themselves and take the plunge as a beginner trader, as an example I would like to mention eToro.

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eToro LogoAdvantages:

  • Free trading of cryptocurrencies
  • Easy account opening
  • 100% secure
  • Regulatory authority: CySEC

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Cloudzzer Free cryptocurrency trading
Cloudzzer Easy account opening
Cloudzzer 100% secure
Cloudzzer Regulatory authority: CySEC

What should I look for in a trading platform?

As you begin your search for the perfect platform, there are certain considerations you can’t forget, and while you may not be sure that the site you choose is reliable, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

These are the features that everyone looks for in a cryptocurrency trading App:

  • Easy to use
  • It provides you with security.
  • You can have professional growth within the platform.
  • It helps you make money.
  • Your investment is secure.

It seems like these requirements are pretty straightforward, but I will tell you that it is difficult to find them in a single App, and even more so if there are people who are part of a big fraud, as they are in the Crypto Bank team.

What is Crypto Bank, why is it a scam?

Crypto Bank provides its services as a broker that is available in its App version so that all users registered in its system, can make various operations in the trading of cryptocurrencies, regardless of the level of training they have in the area.

Crypto Bank invites everyone to be part of this growing market, even if they have no idea what they are doing, as they are supposed to supervise and help you in every step you take within the App.

This is all that a novice investor would love to read, but will be very disappointed after falling into the trap of Crypto Bank, as this App is not safe and will make you lose all your money. This is a general opinion of all of us who were victims of Crypto Bank scam.

Crypto Bank Fake

What makes Crypto Bank attractive to its prospective users?

It’s hard to quickly determine whether Crypto Bank will make you fall victim to a scam, because, to its credit, I must say that the site is perfectly designed to create an unparalleled sense of comfort and security for you.

The Crypto Bank App has a really sophisticated look and feel, which reflects professionalism, and a team that is trained to perform all the activities that will be required of them. And yes, they are a very talented group of experts, but this is not used to help you, but to steal from you so that you don’t even realise the exact moment when everything is happening.

But, it is not only the structure and development of the website that gets the credit for attracting users, but also everything that Crypto Bank offers for them. Here are some incentives that Crypto Bank “arranges” for its users:

  • Opportunity to enter the market in a simple way, just by registering
  • Immediately after depositing your first installment, you will be able to trade.
  • You don’t need any experience to make money with cryptocurrency trading.
  • The sophisticated automated system will take control of everything.
  • The algorithm is designed so that you can enjoy profits every time.
  • In just a few days your investment will increase significantly.
  • You won’t need to learn the subject because Crypto Bank will take care of it for you.
  • You won’t have to invest a lot of time in the App either.

What system does Crypto Bank use to conduct its operations?

One of the reasons Crypto Bank seems to appeal to everyone is because of its modern automated system. It is responsible for processing all the data related to cryptocurrency trading worldwide, and is able to predict market behaviour.

Basically this translates into an algorithm that is completely accurate in all the decisions it will make regarding your money, as its margin of error is supposed to be practically imperceptible, which will make you money every time. But the truth of this system is very different from what you think, as even this automation will not take all the control of the situation away from you.

What does Crypto Bank actually do to its users?

Well, it’s obvious that this system is all a scam, and that its good reputation barely exists on its official website, but that’s not all that’s unpleasant about this App. Thanks to my time with it, I realised that it’s not impossible to determine whether an app is going to scam you or not.

But, let’s first talk about what I experienced with Crypto Bank:

  • After I registered, my supplied data was shared with other companies, so I started getting a lot of calls from people offering different kinds of services. So on the security side, they failed terribly.
  • My deposit was conditional on an amount they requested, so, I lost all of that money, which I think is a high amount for someone who is just starting out in this.
  • The supposed automated system is just a very well elaborated mask of the scam, since the truth is that this money was at risk from the very first moment. It must also be said that this wonderful system takes control of your account, and does not allow you to make any trades on your own, so they decide when to lose your money.
  • At Crypto Bank there are no rules that standardise the processes that are carried out there, let alone supervise them, so when something goes very wrong, they don’t have to face the legal consequences of this.
  • They invite you to always check the App for a few minutes a day, so you will never notice when the system loses your money.
  • They are fanatical about attracting inexperienced brokers, as this gives them a second chance to receive a different deposit from the same person.

What features must an App have in order to be safe to invest in it?

Although many of the malicious apps offer their users supposedly wonderful deals, and have similar features to real, safe sites, there are some aspects in which they differ.

I’ll mention some of the features of the apps that can help you as a broker:

  • They are careful with the data they provide
  • They have a good reputation among real users.
  • They don’t offer you magic formulas to become a millionaire.
  • You will always have the option to learn throughout the process.
  • You will be able to start the investment with the amount you see fit.

And these are just a few, as real websites that offer their services to many users, will always surprise you with many more advantages.

Are there safe apps to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Yes there are, and if I had known about them before, maybe I would have saved myself the trouble that Crypto Bank gave me and the money I lost by believing in this App.

There is one platform in particular that I can assure you works, and it is called eToro.

After some bad experiences with platforms similar to Crypto Bank I thought about giving up on the idea of investing in cryptocurrencies, as the internet didn’t seem to be offering me a safe place to do so, but I soon realised that doing thorough research into the sites I would trust with my money would be a wonderful way to feel more secure.

So it was that I found eToro, and upon researching it I realised that its users were very happy with what this site had to offer, so much so that the reviews from real people were quite favourable for this App that has millions of users in many countries around the world, and they all share the same opinion about this platform.

The benefits are really endless, but this is a list of what you will surely enjoy when you sign up for the system:

  • Your data will be safe and will not be disclosed.
  • There is no system to control your account, only you can authorise trades.
  • There are a variety of expert users who are constantly sharing their knowledge.
  • You can start trading with the amount of your choice.
  • All trades made within the eToro platform are being monitored.