Bitcoin Superstar Erfaring Norge – Er det alvor eller svindel/bluff?

Bitcoin Superstar-logoEn stor andel mennesker har vært ofre for noen svindel som Bitcoin Superstar, og at det er de som er dedikert i lang tid til å svindle andre og dra nytte av visse situasjoner for å beholde penger som ikke tilhører dem. Svindel blir mer og mer vanlig, og ettersom scenariene har endret seg så mye, har også svindelene blitt, så vi kan si at de i det siste har flyttet til digital handel, som ikke er unntatt fra denne gruppen useriøse mennesker som ønsker å ødelegge alt deres dårlige intensjoner. Så dette er hvordan vi trygt kan si at universet med kryptokurver representerer en risiko for alle de som faller i feil hender, fordi svindelen allerede har nådd denne handelen, og den er godt planlagt. Oversatt med (gratis versjon)

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How do broker scams work?

Bitcoin Superstar Fake NewsI believe that the misinformation that exists about cryptocurrencies and the interest that some people have for them is the origin of the creation of so many sites that manage to steal money from their users, I must also say (from my own experience) that these people know well what they do, as they are able to easily deceive and manipulate you with very convincing methods, especially if you are a newbie who is looking for professional help. To briefly explain what these fraudulent apps do, I will say that they are simply a group of professionals who create this fictitious web page (which is very similar to sites that are legal) and do everything necessary to convince you to make an initial deposit to invest with them, but the truth is that the money never reaches its destination and is diverted just to the accounts of those who created this huge scam. After having fallen into one of these scams with the Bitcoin Superstar website, I always advise those who are interested in these practices with cryptocurrencies, to validate in different sites the reputation of these sites before entering them. For example after my bad experience, and thanks to a good research I have found the ideal app for me, safe responsible, eToro.

The Bitcoin Superstar scam

As in any other broker, in Bitcoin Superstar we can find a supposed group of professionals who have joined all their talents and capabilities to create a page and an app that will be dedicated to help you with all the requirements you have related to cryptocurrencies. There are also so many other attractions that are really irresistible for many of the people who want to start or even test in the market, for example:

  • You will make money easily and quickly.
  • You will not need to invest time.
  • There will be no cumbersome processes to achieve your goals.
  • Your level of experience doesn’t matter.

The truth about Bitcoin Superstar

Perhaps everything I mentioned above may seem appealing to you, who also find yourself in need of learning how to generate profits through cryptocurrencies, but you have no experience at all in this and need help. But as I mentioned before, I was already a victim of the Bitcoin Superstar scam, so I can say that I learned how to decipher all these arguments that seemed favorable at the beginning. This is why I will detail you some things that this app hides, and that now, from my new way of looking at these apps, I have learned:

  • The money you will invest will multiply immediately: Apparently Bitcoin Superstar has the magic formula, that is, it has discovered the great secret behind becoming a millionaire in a very short time. And this is one of the premises of this site, it will multiply your money in a very short time, even talk about days, and of course, the more you invest, the more you will earn. But the reality is that this money does not even have a presence in the market.
  • They also say that you should not invest time in this: I must say that this did not seem entirely realistic to me, but I assumed that this was a special app for those who have a busy schedule, because I know that usually happens. But the truth is that they tell you that to be an expert broker, you don’t need to invest but a few minutes a day to the app, and I think this won’t nurture you for a moment. It is better to look for a real broker and who is interested in your learning.
  • To manage to earn all this money they are promising you, you must follow simple steps:
  • The truth is that in most of the sites that are dedicated to cryptocurrency trading, the steps for registration are quite simple. The reality is that the only simple thing here is the way you lose your money:
  1. You register.
  2. You make a deposit.
  3. You authorize the automated system.
  4. You lose the money (under the excuse of a bad system decision)
  • It doesn’t matter if you know little or nothing: in fact this is a very convenient feature for all those who have created this scam because you put your complete trust in people who supposedly know exactly what they are doing, and would never put your money at risk. I already know how this all ends up, I believe everything they tell me, they tell me everything I need to read and in the end my money magically disappears.

How does the Bitcoin Superstar scam work? – Your bot

As in many of these systems, predictions play a key role, so there are a number of algorithms that decipher some patterns of behavior that are usually quite accurate, and just this is what they offer in Bitcoin Superstar. And I wish this had some truth, since that artificial intelligence that both boast, is not at all related to a real system, but it is only a simple cover since in depth this does not exist, but they make you believe that the whole app is based on the decisions that this robot can take.

Should I give up investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? No

The idea of investing in Bitcoin is very good, what is difficult is to find a safe application to do all this, and is that there are so many people who have been dedicated to deceive others, it seems impossible that someone really wants to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a broker. But I come to tell you that there are safe apps, through which you can operate and learn everything you need in a practical way, without thinking every moment that you will lose your time and money. Thanks to the recommendation of some acquaintances, and doing my detective work, I can know eToro, and I am very happy, because it is one of the few safe sites out there.

eToro, the hope for investing in cryptocurrencies

I met eToro just when I had just been robbed of my money in Bitcoin Superstar, so I did not have much faith that it was something serious, because I’m not lying when I tell you that there are thousands of sites that are dedicated only to scam those who still believe in digital commerce. But, a trusted friend told me that he had been using this app for years, and that it has been quite useful for him, and that I should not worry. Anyway I dedicated myself to do the only thing I could in front of this new recommendation, so I started to look for eToro information on the web, and my opinion regarding the brokers changed a bit, I must also say that I was quite impressed with their reputation, as millions of people use this app. Advantages that eToro offers you eToro is a very complete application, and a very good option to become an expert broker, since you can constantly learn from your experience as well as from the experience of others, since (luckily for me), other experienced brokers share valuable information with those who are just starting out. Among the most outstanding advantages that eToro offers its users are the following:

  • It is a secure and regulated site.
  • It does not magically make millionaires.
  • You can constantly learn.
  • You will invest what you think is necessary.
  • You will control your finances.

All this means that:

  • It is one of the few apps that is subscribed to an entity that can monitor and standardize all the operations that will be done through this. And there is nothing wrong with doing any transaction in a much safer place for its users, I think it’s a very significant sell.
  • It does not give a wrong idea of reality, so it does not lure you with miraculous formulas to earn millions in one day, that is, you can get to generate large profits, but you must go cultivating knowledge and experience, this opportunity is quite important.
  • Every day you acquire new knowledge in the app, and you will become an experienced trader.
  • The minimum amount to invest will be the amount you choose, and you will not be imposed ridiculous amounts to do so.
  • You will have full control of your trades, with no intelligent system to make decisions for you.