Bitcoin Rush review – Is it a scam & con or legit?

Cryptocurrencies are a subject of quite a lot of interest from a large number of people, both experts and those who are curious about how this type of trading is handled. As these finances are relatively new, it is not difficult to know that very few people are actually expert brokers.

This is one of the reasons why those people who are looking to get into this world, look for others whose experience is greater and can really help them to complete the goals they have with cryptocurrencies, however, there are those who offer their help for sums of money that almost no one has.

Perhaps this is why millions of people resort to methods that are completely free, and although they do not turn them into experts in the field, nor manage to generate millionaire profits in seconds, it can help them to evolve as brokers teaching them little by little everything about this interesting market.

Later I will recommend you a broker that has really helped me grow as a broker, and it is also one of the few that are regulated and safe, e Toro.

But, just as there are people who are dedicated to helping others with what they need, there are also those who see this as a great opportunity to take everyone’s money using a very elaborate scam method.

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Scams and cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Rush Fake gainsAs I mentioned before, many people have decided to take advantage of the cryptocurrency boom to engage in fraud, deceiving those people who have decided to start their investments in this electronic currency, but these frauds are not planned by cheap criminals.

Scammers have standardized their trap, and decided to attract victims through their so-called miracle applications, which offer their future users the solutions they need to start investing in Bitcoin today, expecting huge profits in a very short time.

It seems quite simple to create a website dedicated to these criminal acts, as it is known that cryptocurrencies are not governed globally by an entity, there are very few websites that are regulated, but most are not so this is exploited by criminals.

In order to create an app to fool others and offer the experience of your supposed brokers, these people have created a common profile that includes:

  • Smart systems
  • Deposits with a minimum amount.
  • Friendly operators.
  • Total control of your finances.
  • Experts who will help you for free.
  • Become a millionaire in seconds.

These features, separately, seem to be quite harmless, but the reality is that when put together, they form one big scam. Today, I’m going to tell you about a bad experience I had with one of these sites, the terrible Bitcoin Rush, but, before I tell you about my tragedy, I’ll tell you how they are described is this sinister site.

Bitcoin Rush What is it and how does it work?

If you go to the official website of the Bitcoin Rush app, you will find a definition very similar to this: A legitimate way to acquire the profits you had long awaited, all this through operations with Bitcoin and with an intelligent software, which is able to predict the behavior of the market.

That is, it is an app for you to make multiple transactions in cryptocurrencies, but with an extra benefit, knowing everything that will happen soon, so you will be guaranteed a virtually fixed profit, and the figures in your account will change in your favor every day.

This sounds great, especially for those who, like me, were looking for a solution and a respite in their finances. And I have to say that my desire was not to become a millionaire overnight, but something a little more realistic, and see my investment grow without waiting so long. But, Bitcoin Rush managed to disappoint me greatly.

What Bitcoin Rush offers

  • A lot of money in a short time
  • Free registration and free consultancy.
  • Experience and reliability (feedback from users of the same page).
  • An unmatched algorithm system.

In other words, this app offers us everything we want to hear, because we have to tell the truth who would not like to make some money easily. But unfortunately I was wrong to read of its good reputation only on its official site and not on other channels available on the web.

Bitcoin Rush is a scam

I have now recovered from the hard blow I received from testing with Bitcoin Rush, and I have decided that you should understand what all that stuff they offer actually means for you.

  • First of all we have the easy money, and is that through cryptocurrencies you can generate certain profits, it is true, but for these to be millionaires, you must be an expert in the subject and have a good time of experience with these transactions. But, whatever your situation both Bitcoin Rush and the opinion of users in the system, highlight the fact of earning a few thousand dollars daily.
  • To register in the system you only need to enter the requested data, which they will use later to share with other fraudulent companies. The registration and everything that comes after is supposed to be totally free, so you won’t have to spend on paying some brokers who have expensive fees. Here you will receive unimaginable benefits without an extra cost, remember that the important thing is that you make your first deposit so that you start enjoying the benefits.
  • An impeccable reputation, and is that if you get to read all the testimonials of people who supposedly make life within the Bitcoin Rush website, you can know the wonders of this system, all have been able to make the most of their earnings, and others say that thanks to this app they could use their last economic resources to overcome economic difficulties, everything sounds quite real, and is that for these scams gather a large group of expert programmers, psychologists and other professionals, to make sure to recruit the innocent like me.
  • Finally, we will talk about the spectacular system they claim to possess, a kind of automated algorithm that is dedicated to predict all those completely profitable and safe transactions, which will give you a great chance to never fail and never lose your money. And I must say that this sounds pretty good, but, the truth is that this is a facade, because from the first moment you deposit your money, it goes into the account of the owner of all this sham.
  • You can automate all operations, rather, you have to, as this function is predetermined by the system. This means that they will take care of absolutely everything, so you won’t have the opportunity to perform anything on your own, and don’t dream of withdrawing your money, because you lost it from the very first instant.

Should I throw away my dream of investing in cryptocurrencies?

Of course not, this market is quite new, so it is natural that millions of people feel interested in it. Giving up the desire to be an expert broker because you have been inside a scam like Bitcoin Rush is a very bad idea.

It is that, sometime, we have all been in a similar situation, where we feel mocked and vulnerable, but I must tell you that all this will pass, and the best thing is that you will become much wiser, interpreting every detail, becoming scam-proof.

That’s how I met eToro an app that is quite safe and has managed to fulfill many of my expectations, and although I’m not an expert broker right now, at least no one else has played with my financial stability, nor have they taken my money.

Why did I choose eToro?

First of all, I dedicated myself to do some research on this site, because I was a little suspicious, and that’s how I discovered that it is one of the few apps that are regulated in your country, and also that its good reputation does not exist only on its page, but it is a reference in many other sites that encourage you to invest in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. It seems to me that this is a benefit that not just any site can give you, so you have to take advantage of it.

I was also struck by the fact that they do not automate all your processes, so you have the option to always choose, they will not control your operations. That is, they can give you important data, but they will never operate without your authorization.

Another advantage has to do with your growth as a professional broker, because this app has a very interesting option, through which the most experienced brokers share important information about what is happening in the market, and how to become a professional in the area.

eToro is very interesting and safe, so you won’t lose anything trying to take your first steps in this app.