Bitcoin Millionaire review – Is it a scam or legit and safe?

Bitcoin Millionaire LogoInspired by the success stories of men who have made a fortune after investing in Bitcoin, many online scams are leading to major disappointments in the cryptocurrency market.

As this market has grown in recent years, so have the scams in it. It seems that, just as there are people specialising in this type of investment, there is a group of people who are also preparing to take the money of those who, lacking experience and trusting anyone who offers help in this type of business, release their investment without waiting for guarantees.

Currently there are a large number of organisations, Apps and websites, which are waiting for an inexperienced person with a desire to invest in cryptocurrencies to fall into their nets in order to get rid of their capital.

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Bitcoin Millionaire Trader leads the scams

Bitcoin Millionaire TrendBitcoin Millionaire is one of them, and is taking advantage of the little knowledge that many investors have about the virtual market, to take the money of many.

It is incredible how many misleading offers are circulating in this medium. The most offered by several Apps including Bitcoin Millionaire, is the one that promises to make its investors millionaires in just 24 hours, this ambitious proposal is tempting for anyone, because in such a short time the dream of many could be fulfilled.

What is Bitcoin Millionaire – Is it a con?

This App offers its customers the possibility of multiplying their money, without having to attend to the strong daily demands of the market, in addition to providing full assurance that its algorithm-driven system always aims to win.

Nowadays, it is not only necessary to be concerned about understanding the behaviour of the market, it is also necessary to know how to differentiate and avoid the different scams that surround this trade. All these companies or organisations designed to scam, look so well established, that you do not notice that they are improvising, they have been prepared for this purpose, to the point of fulfilling a protocol for each case.

Everything about them seems safe and reliable, even the reputation that accompanies them. It seems like a perfect ally, until such perfection begins to look suspicious.

A fraud alert!

Bitcoin Millionaire SignupEverything about these brokers seems trustworthy until you register on their website and are asked to make a deposit in order to continue with the advice offered.

Like all cryptocurrency scam apps, this one also asks for an investment before explaining what the market is all about and how the advice will be directed.

Only eToro guarantees a scam-free registration where you will never be asked to make an advance investment or deposit without being clear on how the market works.

Investment and decision making

Despite being a purely virtual market, it is not good to lose the ability to make decisions as investors, it is always good to be able to form a criterion to decide with experience.

Bitcoin Millionaire and other companies like it, offer the safe multiplication of the investment, through algorithms that predict the behaviour of the cryptocurrency market.


Such actions should alert us, as these considerations are often indisputable characteristics of a scam.

It is a scam if:

  • It offers riches without having to make any discerning decisions
  • It guarantees a fortune in a short time.
  • It does not merit understanding of the market in which you have placed the investment.

Is there a reliable App, and what do users expect?

Yes there is, and although there are surely more than one reliable one, eToro is the most well known in the market. This App offers an easy exchange at any time, being able to invest not only in Bitcoin, but also in Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies.

Experience with eToro guarantees:

  • Secured account access, via Android and iOS mobile, ensuring that every transaction made from your mobile, is 100% protected.
  • Easy exchange of different cryptocurrencies.
  • No commissions when buying cryptocurrencies.
  • Total control over transactions.


From apps like these, users expect to have the support and advice they need to make their own investment decisions, grow and profit. And with timely help at their fingertips.

If it doesn’t offer confidentiality, it’s a scam

One of the things that in my opinion makes eToro the best option on the market is the confidentiality with which it handles each client’s personal information.

All contact details provided at registration and personal account creation will always remain private.

Unlike them, Bitcoin Millionaire as part of a fraudulent trading network, upon receiving the registration of personal data will start to mobilise this information in a general system specialised in fraud, making the client an easy target for the scam.

It is not uncommon that after having offered personal information and having made the test registration, giving information such as contact numbers and some relevant bank details, we start to receive constant and insistent calls, inviting us to activate our account, through an immediate investment.

Are you the customer Bitcoin Millionaire is looking for?

Possibly yes, this website has a similar profile for all its potential customers, mostly people with little experience and knowledge in the market as an investor in virtual media. In addition to that, they are looking for:

  • People who are not willing to monitor the daily market movement.
  • Customers willing to hand over control of their investment to a third party.
  • Partners who want to make money quickly.


If you meet these requirements and do not want to fall for a scam, you should be on your guard. Remember that the money lost in this type of fraud is not recovered.

Even if you file a complaint, there is no guarantee that the money you have invested will be returned to you.

What is the Bitcoin Millionaire scam?

In a nutshell, this app hopes to take your money, through the fake crypto-asset market advice it hopes to offer you, this organisation has built up a reputation for itself that is capable of fooling those who have no established criteria for scams.

When looking for references about them, it is possible to find among the first choices in reviews, material produced by them. For those who are not clear that such scams can be constructed, it is easy to fall into the trap they have set to ensnare the inexperienced.

Bitcoin Millionaire offers a service that makes decisions by means of an algorithm provided with artificial intelligence, guaranteeing its clients success in every decision made in the face of every market behaviour. This is their fraud, because if they have these clear conditions with their investors, any failure that implies a loss of capital will be the direct fault of the algorithm.

How does the Bitcoin Millionaire scam work?

  • After the first contact with this organisation, they will ask you to complete a registration, in which they will want personal contact information such as phone numbers, room address and emails. All with the excuse of creating an account for you to start working with them.
  • With the information provided, they will start calling at all hours, convincing you to activate your account, insisting that every hour that passes involves lost money and lost opportunities.
  • Quickly, you will have a long list of calls that will not only be from them, as the personal information provided will be circulating in a virtual system specialising in virtual marketplace scams.
  • They will look for ways to convince you to make an initial deposit, so they will insist that you need to have an active account with a minimum deposit
  • If you manage to make a deposit, you will have access to your account and a broker with whom you can agree to increase your investment.
  • The Bitcoin Millionaire staff will insist with every call, to pressure you to deposit more money, ensuring to multiply your profits after a market research.
  • If you do not agree to their proposals, extortion will be their new threatening technique, where they will make you understand that you may lose all the capital invested so far.
  • By this time, it is clear that the scam has been executed.

Avoid bad experiences, work with eToro

Remember that with them it is possible to make decisions at all times of the investment, you will have the right advice to be the real owner of your money.

Gain experience with every market follow up, and become your own algorithm. Don’t leave the fate of your investment in the hands of others.

eToro allows you to work as a team like no other app, and best of all, fraud free. Take advantage of this opportunity to boost your capital, while growing intellectually with the best cryptocurrency trading advisors.

Don’t expose yourself to extortion, feel the security that a trusted advisor can provide. There is no excuse for falling into unscrupulous hands, at a suspicious sign, act decisively. Never trust blindly in an ideal reputation, look for the most reliable recommendation among real experiences.