Bitcoin Investor review – Is it a scam or legit?

If cryptocurrencies have become a profitable topic for you lately, then this article will interest you.

Bitcoin Investor LogoCryptocurrencies have revolutionized the way we see trading, becoming the protagonists of various scenarios, perhaps this is why so many people around the world have arranged a certain amount of time to learn more about this topic, and to make sure they are well informed, and it seems that investing in cryptocurrencies is an excellent way to generate some extra money.

But there is something we must understand, and it is that in order to be able to perform any operation in this type of trade, it is necessary to learn little by little, only then you would have the opportunity to generate real profits. Because there are dubious providers, such as Bitcoin Investor scam.

Of course, if you have no experience with cryptocurrencies, you will need another person who can support you and teach you what you need to grow as a broker, that’s how we come to some websites that offer services of this type for everyone.

But, not all the apps arranged for this are able to really fulfill their main goal, because, to our bad luck, thousands of sites have been created to harm all their users, and we will talk about one of these, Bitcoin Investor.

However, I invite you not to lose hope with your dream of being a good broker, because there are other websites that can take better care of you and your earnings than Bitcoin Investor.

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What is Bitcoin Investor and how does it work?

Bitcoin Investor RegistrationI will give you a summary of what Bitcoin Investor shows its users on its website, that is, how they are defined, so I will say that this app is shown as a site that is responsible for managing operations with cryptocurrencies, and its existence is supposed to help especially to all those inexperienced who are interested in this market.

That is to say that it is an app for the inexperienced with which they can begin to make various transactions with certain cryptocurrencies, including the popular Bitcoin, which has the interest of millions of people today.

Bitcoin Investor, like so many sites dedicated to fraud, offer great attractions for their future users, through which they can get to convince them to give them all their money, without asking too many questions and always trusting the working group behind this website.

How does Bitcoin Investor attract its customers?

The techniques applied by the working team behind Bitcoin Investor are quite common in any scam, and is that because it is something fraudulent, it is to be expected to be quite convincing.

Maybe this does not sound logical to some people, especially those who believe that scams are only made by inexperienced people, and everything would look like a very bad job, but the reality is completely different, since Bitcoin Investor has a group of professionals in the art of deception, design, among others.

Here I will present you some of the attractions that these people always shows in their app, to try to convince us to invest with them, as they always show themselves as the most convenient option for everyone.

  • It will help you free of charge.
  • You don’t need to know the subject.
  • You will become the millionaire you always dreamed of.
  • Your automated system will take care of everything.
  • You don’t need to invest time in it.

Our take: Real translation of all of the above

What I mentioned above has an explanation that does not relate to the supposed intentions shown on the Bitcoin Investor page, this is why I will show you the reality of what will happen to your money if you make the mistake of investing it through this app:

  • As you know, in most of the sites that do dedicate themselves to helping people invest in Bitcoin, they always offer a registration for free, because the main objective is to train brokers that continue to drive the business, and as the facade of Bitcoin Investor must look perfect, they offer the same as other sites.
  • The experience that this website ask their clients to have, is equal to zero i.e. it doesn’t matter that you have no knowledge of cryptocurrencies at all so you can test with them, and I find this very convenient. If you have no idea what’s going on with your money, then you won’t be able to argue anything against the site when it loses it, and you won’t even notice when it happens.
  • Another of the supposed attractions they offer at Bitcoin Investor for their users is the great opportunity to become one of the brand new millionaires in this group, and you won’t need much time to achieve this, as this can happen in a matter of days. Well, I think this part doesn’t need too much explanation, I think there is no recipe to get rich overnight, it sounds something quite unrealistic.
  • They have an artificial intelligence system that takes care of all the processes for you, this includes absolutely all the processes, that is to say that at some point in the interaction you are going to lose absolute control of the application, and it is very important that you understand what this implies. First of all, you will not be able to operate on your own, so if something seems like a bad or good idea, you will not be able to intervene, and well, all this ends up being the perfect excuse to lose your money.
  • Your valuable time can be used for other activities and not worrying about what happens to your investment, and well, for many people this can be so tempting, as many people feel overwhelmed with what this trade entails, so the less you get involved and still generate profits, the better. But, this is not the correct and logical way to become an expert broker.

Why does Bitcoin Investor have a very good reputation on their website?

Bitcoin Investor AppWhen you go into the Bitcoin Investor app, the general opinion of all its users is excellent, meaning it has absolutely no complaints and they make it clear that the app has been more than miraculous with their investment and has managed to fulfill the dream of everyone who decided to start trading Bitcoin just now.

But, if you go to real life, and look for information about this site in any search engine, you can see that the perfection of that reputation vanishes drastically, and is that real users have suffered a scam by this site, which has stolen their money, while the testimonials within the page are from people who do not even exist, and these profiles were only created for the purpose of creating empathy in all those who have a chance to read them.

Alternatives – What should I do then?

Surely after reading this, your desire to invest in any cryptocurrency is gone, but I will tell you that there is hope for you, because I have been in your shoes, and only now I could understand that you have to do a little more research about the sites that really give what they offer, that’s how I met eToro, and although it was very recently, I must say that I find their service quite satisfactory, and I can project myself as an expert broker in the not too distant future.

eToro and its advantages

I will tell you a little about the advantages that eToro possesses, or the few that I have come across so far, I know there are many more, but from these I have benefited immediately.

  • You can be able to control my finances: Although eToro may have an automated system, which is able to create useful statistics for you, or program any algorithm or pattern that you always follow, this does not mean that they will control your every move, as you are in full control of everything and you have the final say, eToro will only give you suggestions.
  • You can have the knowledge you always wanted: Well, you know, if you want to learn about such a complex market, do not expect to magically become an expert broker, this learning process will be done step by step and always from the hand of the most qualified professionals. It is important that you do not stop learning and that you learn based on your experience, that is better than having a system that does everything for you.
  • It is a regulated broker: You have probably heard that there is no body that controls worldwide cryptocurrency trading, and this is partly true, but there are countries that have some rules in place to monitor and protect these operations, so everything you do at eToro is being watched.
  • No unrealistic scenarios: One of the things eToro will not offer you is to become a millionaire in a single day, they are very careful and realistic with what they have to offer to all their users.
  • Their reputation is verifiable, and if you don’t believe it, I invite you to do your own research.