Bitcoin Era Review – Is it a scam or legit?

Bitcoin Era LogoBelonging to a group of people who do wonders with certain types of trades is something quite interesting, I think this is why cryptocurrencies have had such a huge impact on society as we know it. It is common to hear terms like “Bitcoin” in the most relevant news worldwide, and it seems that this type of digital currency has become the great reference of finance.

But, just as this market has grown rapidly, so have those groups that are dedicated to sabotaging the seriousness and credibility of many sites that serve as a platform to provide services to all those who are interested in operating within this interesting world.

I must say that unfortunately I have had to be part of the statistics of people who have been victims of fraud by these malicious web applications, I hope I feel that this experience, although unpleasant, leaves me an important lesson, which is why I am obliged to help you identify these sites that only seek to take your money.

My bad experience started when I entered the official Bitcoin Era website, and believing that their services were well-intentioned, I can see how my money disappeared. However, I am not looking to take away your interest in these operations, because luckily I met a site that does meet my expectations and it only takes one test to be satisfied, this app is called eToro, I will tell you about both.

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  • Free trading of cryptocurrencies
  • Easy account opening
  • 100% secure
  • Regulatory authority: CySEC

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What is Bitcoin Era? Is it safe or is it a con?

Like so many other sites, when you enter the Bitcoin Era website you can see that they define themselves as a very efficient operating broker that will help you do everything you need to do with Bitcoins. You will be able to materialise your dream of becoming a broker, but this is not the best thing (according to the page), because you will also have the opportunity to count on the experience of the professionals that make up the Bitcoin Era team.
But this is not really the most fabulous part, because the best that this application can offer you is the opportunity to become a millionaire, in a few days or if you are lucky in a few hours, thanks to the wonderful technology channeled through its artificial intelligence robot.

What is the Bitcoin Era robot?

Bitcoin Era FakesBitcoin Era has an algorithm that is based on predicting market behaviour, always targeting transactions that will leave you with a juicy profit. That is, its system has this artificial intelligence robot, which is responsible for loading the necessary data to make the most accurate decisions about the amount of money you have made available to it.
As it is a machine created with an almost imperceptible margin of error, it seems that profits are completely assured, so that’s attractive enough for many, isn’t it?

Why do people keep falling for the scam? What benefits does Bitcoin Era offer to its users?

It seems logical to believe that falling victim to a scam is something that can be completely avoided, especially if you are an expert on the subject, as there are signs that with time or experience become more obvious, for example, for me they are just now.

But let’s say that my lack of experience played against me, so it was my naive side that ended up believing all the lies that Bitcoin Era fabricated for me, well, for all of us who suffer this same fate. For this reason I would like to clarify a few things and introduce you to what Bitcoin Era offers attractive to its users:

  • Fully no-cost advice:
  • Easy registration
  • No need to invest a lot of time.
  • Any decision is made by experts and artificial intelligence.
  • You just have to wait to become a millionaire.
  • On their website they have a very good reputation from their registered users.

When you are an inexperienced person in digital trading, it is very easy to get carried away by very attractive offers like this one. First of all there is the issue of free advice, as there are expert brokers who have high hours so you will need more capital to invest.

We can also clearly see that they want to simplify all the processes, so that you do not perceive how complicated the market is, so you can say that they want to make you see everything in a simple and quick way. They also want you to start trading the market immediately, relying on the magic of artificial intelligence that almost never fails.

You won’t need to log in at all times to validate market data or process any information, because while you’re in any other activity, the system is doing all this for you. But we already know that this is a very well thought out plan to convince you of what follows.

Finally let’s talk about its reputation, because the opinion of the people who supposedly make life in Bitcoin Era is too positive, so much so that it looks a bit fake, because it really is.

Back to the Bitcoin Era trap

I must say that it took me very little time to realize that I was in trouble and that I had been a victim of a wonderful scam, and is that the deal they had this system before I put my money into it, was very different after I already made the deposit.

I must say that the phases to fall into this trap I can summarize in this way:

  • Interested in Bitcoin
  • Offering you its benefits.
  • Insist on the deposit.
  • Deposit the money.
  • Absolute silence.

This is the summary of what will happen if, like me, you believe in a lying reputation and fall for the fraud that this company offers for anyone who trusts them.

I think the first phase is pretty obvious, because if we find ourselves on the site it is because we are interested in this type of digital commerce and we are willing to enter into it, even if we have no idea what we are doing.

In case you are not convinced, a good dose of fictitious profits will bombard you, this is where their experts in psychology and other areas will put into action their perfect manipulation plan, which is very attractive and seems a bit real, I say a bit because making you a millionaire in a few hours, seems a bit fanciful.

Well, apparently they have convinced you and it’s time for the insistence, where they will give you a series of wonderful incentives that includes some offers, discount, opportunity to have a higher winning percentage if you manage to make the deposit soon, and other arguments that seem quite logical and translate into a very good opportunity.

After you sign up, they will try to contact you multiple times, and they will be really insistent, so you will feel the attention they have been telling you about, that’s how you will be convinced that the faster you make your deposit, the faster you will get your winnings, but once you do it, you will have no contact from them anymore.

How does the scam work?

The final step, after you made the deposit of the fee imposed by Bitcoin Era, is the most unpleasant, because it won’t take you long to know that you will no longer get your money back, let alone have a broker experience, because apart from taking your money, the system will never allow you to handle it, so you won’t be able to withdraw anything.

Once Bitcoin Era starts in “Trade” mode, your money will vanish in seconds, with the supposedly infallible artificial intelligence system being the culprit. Some will say this can happen, and maybe it is true, but is it normal for it to happen to every user when they make their innocent deposit? No.

This happens because that intelligent robot does not exist, and it is a simple facade that makes you believe that there is a machine looking for the right numbers to make your money grow, and the harsh reality is that once you make the deposit, it arrives to the account of some person, in some tax haven and far away from your country.

This is why I no longer believe in false promises and prefer to play it safe with a broker that has a verifiable reputation, and allows me to choose what I want to do with my money, like eToro.

eToro is an excellent choice

eToro is an app that takes care of getting you involved in digital trading, and gives you the opportunity to choose the cryptocurrency of your choice, so you could see the intention for you to train as a broker. eToro I like because:

  • It is a regulated broker
  • It doesn’t manage your money.
  • It does not make decisions for you.
  • Its operations are completely transparent
  • Its reputation is verifiable
  • Millions of users become mentors to each other by sharing their experience.
  • You make the decision on how and when to invest in cryptocurrencies.