Bitcoin Bank Review – Is it a scam or legit?

Bitcoin Bank LogoCryptocurrencies are a very interesting topic, so it is normal to hear about them in the news or wherever you are, and it seems that this future trade is generating a great movement that apparently is just beginning.

As cryptocurrencies are a relatively new topic, it is hard to believe that there are a lot of experts on it, so for others it seems like something completely unknown, a mystery to be solved but which has caught the attention of a lot of people around the world.

But, just as it has managed to capture so many people interested in seeing this interesting trade grow, it has also attracted other people looking to profit and affect millions, filling their pockets with other people’s money and setting up a fraud scheme that is law-proof and so on, and it is known that cryptocurrencies do not have a regulatory body in all countries, so planning the scam would not be impossible.

This was the reason why sites like Bitcoin Bank emerged, who have put effort into perfecting the scam every day, more and more, so much so that today we can find:

  • Constant advertising on the site
  • Supposed testimonials from famous people.
  • Perfect reviews on certain reviews.

Although it may seem convincing, you should be wary of the arguments on this site, as there are inconsistencies that common sense can spot.

Still, I encourage you not to lose hope in investing in cryptocurrencies, as there are safe and regulated sites like eToro, which can help you with what you want to achieve.

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What is Bitcoin Bank? Is it a scam and con?

Bitcoin Bank Fake TestimonialWhen we think of scam, perhaps something very poorly done comes to mind, and that seems completely fake, but the truth is that the Bitcoin Bank scam is well thought out, and you can see that they invested in some experts to convince others that it is something real.

Bitcoin Bank is a supposed broker that deals with various cryptocurrency operations, which they have opened to the public, regardless of their level of knowledge, let alone their experience with this type of application.

They claim to know all the techniques and have a smart tool to make the statistics work in your favour, ensuring you make millions in profits through which you will materialise your dreams and cover your needs.

How does the Bitcoin Bank scam work?

Once you have already entered the website, you realize that the supposed users registered there, are quite satisfied with everything they have achieved, and encourage you to trust and join right away, but you are supposed to first read a bit about what they offer you at Bitcoin Bank, so you will come across the following:

  • Your knowledge is not limiting: That is, it doesn’t matter what level of understanding you have of what a cryptocurrency is, especially Bitcoin, as what really matters to them is the level of interest you have in this trade. This means that even if you are completely ignorant of certain aspects, this should not be an obstacle to your goal of investing in Bitcoin.
  • Unlike so many apps, you don’t need to check it all the time: You probably know someone who invests in Bitcoin (with a secure app), and one of the things you can observe in these people is that they are constantly watching the fluctuation of the market, and this is normal. But at Bitcoin Bank they make you believe that you don’t need to constantly validate information, they will do it for you.
  • They have a smart technology robot: When I say they will do everything for you, they will trust every step of the process to their smart robot, which is supposedly programmed, with the lowest margin of error in the market, to just trade and make profits in your favour all the time, meaning you won’t be involved with the decisions, so you don’t have to try too hard to make money.
  • Registration and advice are free of charge: Many people like free things, so when they offer you the secret to making a lot of money and also tell you that they will not charge you for this, many decide at that instant to join Bitcoin Bank, as apparently the expert brokers charge very high sums to help you.

So, if all of the above is so good, how did the scam get uncovered?

Bitcoin Bank Fake CNNIf you search the web for some reviews of Bitcoin Bank, the only positive ones overly romanticize their system, so much so that those who created a positive opinion of this app, claim to have made millions in a very short time.

I must say that this is quite suspicious, and it was one of the things that caught my attention, because who has a magic formula to make it rain money? Also, if we pay attention, common sense can tell us that systems are not perfect, and that there will always be someone who disagrees with even one thing, or who has a suggestion for the work team. But it seems that this is not the case with Bitcoin Bank.

What also struck me was that there was, in general, quite a negative reputation, with really similar testimonials where there was talk of theft, and complaints being completely ignored, so I decided to read more and came across these complaints:

  • Once the deposit was made the system made a supposed transaction that ended in a loss.
  • If you try to control the app you are not allowed.
  • You cannot make any queries.
  • You can’t make any complaints, as there is no regulatory figure, and there is no real address on this site either.
  • Everyone decided to fight their frustration with a review.

I gave it a try

I must say that I am a curious person, and I tried to do a test with this system, as the opinions on the web were a bit contradictory, maybe I was very naive to think that not everyone likes the same things, so I wanted to check everything.

But, obviously it was a mistake, and I really didn’t think anyone was that convincing. After entering the site and reading all the interesting things they had to say about Bitcoin, I decided to complete my registration and request all the steps I should follow to start this wonderful journey, and the truth is that they treated me wonderfully, and I had a very good sense of security.

I registered, and was asked for personal and contact details, which were later shared with other fraudulent companies, and I had to endure a few weeks of harassment from these people.

Once they verify your identity, they offer you “solidarity” plans to make the deposit of your investment, first they show you some which figures are a bit high, so you feel you won’t be able to make it, but they tell you that if you make the deposit immediately you will get some kind of discount along with some promotion, and the amount doesn’t seem so crazy, so you ask for the data and make the deposit.

Once they validate that you have transferred the amount requested by them, they show you a supposed screen where they start the activities, but, you don’t have the option to make decisions at that moment, so their intelligent robot would be doing everything for you, and guess what? The first thing the supposed artificial intelligence does is make the decision to lose your money.

First you wonder how it happened, since this advanced technology has a margin of error practically zero, but the truth is that it was never live in the digital market, but it was all a product of some programmers’ set-up that makes it all look real.

The truth is that you lost your money from the moment you made your deposit to the account of a person who just scammed you. After that, you turn to the regular channels to contact the support of this site, but the default messages are a mockery for you, you will never see your money again.

What should I do to invest in cryptocurrencies?

  • Inform yourself as much as you can
  • Set up a schedule and an amount to invest.
  • Find a safe and reputable app like eToro.

Alternative: Let’s talk about eToro

eToro is a broker that has been operating for a year now and so far accumulated millions of users who are quite happy with their services. But eToro is different from any other app you know, why?

  • Because eToro is an app that is regulated by more than one body
  • Because you can choose the amount of money you will invest.
  • You will learn from all the trades that are being made on that website.
  • You have full control of your entire investment
  • It trains you as a professional broker.
  • It not only gives you tips but also all the knowledge that you are interested in acquiring.